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Manifesto's translations (hereinafter "Translations") in languages not yet available on the website www.internetforpeace.org (hereinafter the "Website") shall be sent to Edizioni Condé Nast S.p.A. (hereinafter "Condé Nast") by uploading the Translations' text in the form you can find below.
Translations shall be original and in the excusive possession of the authors, even if already published, and shall be sent by the authors, provided they are older than 18, only after reading and expressly accepting this Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy of the Website by clicking the button "Accept" at the bottom of this page.
Regularly sent Translations will be reviewed by Condé Nast which will be entitled to publish them, at its sole discretion and choice.
Consequently, the mere submission of the Translation will not oblige Condé Nast to publish it nor will it give rise to any rights and / or expectations in favour of the authors.
The mere uploading of Translations constitutes acceptance from the author to the Creative Commons licensing system, in its "Attribution, Non-commercial, No Derivative Works 2.5" form, whose details are freely available on the Creative Commons website.
The authors acknowledge and recognize that the publication of the Translations on the Website does not constitute commercial use thereof by Condé Nast.
The authors also acknowledge, recognize and expressly agree that the uploaded Translations may be subject to digital processing (such as, for example and without limitation, modification, manipulation, alterations, or variations in size) and textual corrections that have the purpose of making the Translations as much true as possible to the original text of the Manifesto.
In case of actual publication of the Translations on the Website no compensation whatever will be recognized to the authors.
The authors expressly represent and warrant that the Translations do not infringe any right of third parties, and shall hold Condé Nast harmless and indemnified with respect to any potential claim, compensatory in nature or otherwise, that may be raised against Condé Nast.
Condé Nast is not required to keep the uploaded Translations on the Website nor stored into its database, and will be free to delete and/or destroy them at any time.
The authors of the Translations shall bear all responsibility and liability, direct or indirect, for the contents of Translations.
The authors declare that the Translations are not contrary to laws or regulations, public order or morality and, anyway, they do not infringe any rights of third parties.
Under Section 13 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/03, the above collected personal data will be processed by Edizioni Condé Nast S.p.A. - based in Italy, Milan, P.zza Castello, 27 - with manual and automatic tools, to allow the authors to send the Translations to be published on the Website. Personal data will also be used to inform the authors of the actual publication of their Translations or any other use. For these purposes, the provision of data is required. For any further information, please make reference to the above-mentioned Privacy Policy.

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